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COLBY JAMES is a dynamic musician and an emerging singer/songwriter whose music is charismatic to his clients.  An emotional and a powerful performer, James surely has a prosperous musical career at the forefront.  Playing originals and cover tunes, James a self taught singer-songwriter has been playing since he can remember.  Featured in the motion picture Uzi at the Alamo, James writes and preforms "One More Chance", "Breeze", and "Late June Sunday" with Rune in 2005.  James and his guitar ad that extra element to any event or venue.


"Take, for instance, the disc's opening track, "Regatta."  "James, a Providence-born singer-songwriter and self-taught ax-player, puts on his bee-bop hat and sings "so get brave on me now."  And Rune has every reason to get brave now.  with an original repertoire including mellow groove tunes such as "Slow Down" the sky seems the limit, should they keep the pro-power brokers at Allikats steering the ship.  "Slow Down," though benefiting from a strong injection of Celtic fiddle, has an undercurrent of Jazz beckoning.  If "Regatta" reminds of an Addison Groove Project song, the Boston-based sax-driven Funk band that periodically packs Lupo's as the Strand, then "Slow Down: has an early G. Love and Special Sauce flavor.  Playing a lot of Celtic fiddle helps secure festival gigs, but the Funk-Fusion, style and willingness to mix it up, makes them a rising talent on the are music circuit.

~ Jim Vickers, Editor, MOTIF Magazine