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Here is a RUNE's first video made after a mini summer tour including shows in New York and New Jersey after starting and ending in their home town of Bristol, RI. It was a great time and thier friend Jeffrey was there to document the whole thing. Enjoy the footage and thanks for everyone who came out!

What our friends are saying........

Love it

Author: Diane

I Love it. It's been in my CD player for a week. I saw them Live at the Bean and now I can't get enough of them. Great CD

Very good!

Author: Amy

Very interesting music, a great change from what dominates radio waves these days. Electric violin is absolutely amazing on all songs. A good mix of slower songs and more upbeat, carefree sounding ones. I especially liked "Regatta" (song that got me hooked) "Breeze" and "Late June Sunday."

Great CD!

Author: Dean (audiopetrol.com)

Love the mix of acoustic guitar, electric violin, and various percussion instruments. Spans a number of genres...

Author: Breanne

Great CD, and very refreshing!


Author: Tyler

The sound is Unreal; I was entertained the first 30 seconds of a show and immediately bought a cd. Just glad there are some modest musicians still out there.

Fledgling Fusion Band has Funk-Celtic Flare

Author: MOTIF, Jim Vickers, Editor

Take, for instance, the disc's opening track, "Regatta." James, a Providence-born singer-songwriter and self-taught ax-player, puts on his bee-bop hat and sings "so get brave on me now." And Rune has every reason to get brave now. With an original repertoire including mellow groove tunes such as "Slow Down" the sky seems the limit, should they keep the pro-power brokers at Allikats steering the ship. "Slow Down," though benefiting from a strong injection of Celtic fiddle, has an undercurrent of jazz beckoning. If "Regatta" reminds of an Addison Groove Project song, the Boston-based sax-driven Funk band that periodically packs Lupo's as the Strand, then "Slow Down" has an early G. Love and Special Sauce flavor. Playing a lot of Celtic fiddle helps Rune secure festival gigs, but the Funk-Fusion, style and willingness to mix it up, makes Rune a rising talent on the area music circuit.

Martha's Vineyard Hooked on RUNE

Author: Barbara Dacey, 92.7 FM WMVY Radio

"Rune is a great band both live and on record! It's no wonder that we get calls here at mvy from people who have seen them once and are hooked!"

Upbeat and Mesmerizing! Must hear band for contemorary Celtic clans!

Author: Tracey

Very original, but if I had to describe to someone else: Dave Matthews meets Seven Nations for an authentic Celtic explosion. ...And a new fan is born!

Author: Jackson

Great album guys, have to say my favorite tracks are laughing man, groove, & ferny hill, cant say there aren’t any songs I don’t like. Other than that wicked chill sound? I can definitely hear the O.A.R influence from Colby. And that drummer Andy tarter is amazing. What up Jesse from b-town

This is amazingly mellow.

Author: Jesse J. Gillett

This album has an awesome style to it. I enjoyed The Groove, however, I enjoyed Breeze even more so. This is such peaceful, unique music. It's nice to get the chance to listen to something like this. Well, it's hard to listen and type at the same time, so let me just say good luck and keep up the good work. Also, Colby's girlfriend is maaaaaaaaddddddd hot! But seriously, good work, this music could really help me to relax.

I love this CD

Author: Dana Mendes

I really like this CD. I just love rock music and orchestra music and it is great to hear them both combined. Plus Heather Church is my music teacher so I can tell her how great this CD is!!! The Groove is my personal fave.

                           ·        you guys rock

Author: Marc

This CD rocks, but to truly experience this bands talent, go see them live, it's worth it.

This sound makes me happy.

Author: Sue Moreau

The songs on Hadrian's Wall make me want to hear more of this band. I play the CD on the way to work and while I'm at work. It really starts my day off right. The words are deep, the sound is unique. The talent is obvious. What a great blend. I can't wait to hear the next CD out.

Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase Reviews

Author: Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase

You can hear the Dave Mathews influence in Rune front man Colby James’ funky-staccato vocal delivery (check “Slow Down”); and Heather Church’s flaming fiddle is a Red Bull rush to the ears. Rune is a creative amalgamation of roots music, Celtic folk and alt jam-rock.

Musically rich and deep; modern style with ten times the talent

Author: Avram Dorfman

This CD is oozing with talent and rich music. Letting Heather's electric violin take the lead on an otherwise modern style recording is genius. The talent used is superlative all around - I've barely begun even listening to the words yet because I still can't get enough of the sound.

Rune's sound is so good it give me the chills!

Author: Paul Terenzi

This band is going to places! I saw them live in Rhode Island and cannot stop listening to the disc. Thanks Rune.

        ·        Love the feel of it.

Author: Fake Plastic Listener

I love the feel of this band. They have a lot of great potential to have a sound that may transcend the pop genres. Melodic violin, cruisy lyrics, tight guitars and slamming drum beats makes Rune a forceful quartet full of grace. I can't wait until they really break out.